Children queue for a daily distribution of cold milk and biscuits in Bosaso, Somalia, at the reception center for Somali returnees and refugees who have fled the conflict in Yemen.

Yemen Crisis Appeal

Assault on Hodeidah

Yemen’s children are already some of the hardest hit by a conflict which has been raging in the country for over three years. 

In recent weeks, violence has erupted on the outskirts of the city of Hodeidah which is home to Yemen’s largest port.

The impact of an attack on the city and its port would be catastrophic for Yemen’s children, who have already suffered so much.

Children and their families are in grave danger of being trapped in the conflict zone and caught in the crossfire. 80% of Yemen’s food, fuel and medicine is imported through the port. Any closure would sever a vital supply line for millions of people. 

Yemen Crisis Appeal: Wafa*, 6, lies in hospital after being badly injured in an airstrike near Hodeidah

Wafa* (above) aged four, lost both her parents and was badly injured in an airstrike. We're covering her medical bills and providing financial support to the family.

We must act now to protect children caught up in this unforgiving conflict. 11.3 million children need humanitarian assistance and we can help. We’re using an alternative route to get vital aid into the country so we can continue to deliver life-saving programmes even in the toughest places.

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The total number of people in need of humanitarian assistance is 22.2 million – or 76% of the population – including 11.3 million children

How your donation will help children

We’ve been rapidly scaling up our response in Hodeidah to help prepare for the worst.

• We’re urgently carrying out additional food distributions to ensure that families have food in case they are trapped or forced from their homes. 

• We’re supporting a hospital that provides vital medical care to 250,000 people. Right now, we’re distributing additional medicines and nutrition supplies to ensure that health facilities have sufficient supplies for the next three months. 

• We’re providing psychosocial support in Child Friendly Spaces, giving children a safe space to learn, play and receive specialist psychosocial support. 

• We’re running awareness campaigns on hygiene and sanitation issues, rehabilitating water points, and distributing essential hygiene items to prevent the risk of an outbreak of disease

• We’ve giving families electronic vouchers and cash so they can buy food, medicines and other essential supplies.

Zuhair's story

Zuhair, 13, was badly burned in an airstrike on a crowded funeral in Yemen. Zuhair and his stepfather were at Al-Kubra Hall when two airstrikes hit the hall and killed over 100 mourners. 

Although they miraculously survived the attack, both were badly burned as a result of the explosion - the intensity of the firestorm setting their clothes alight with Zuhair suffering from third degree burns to many parts of his body as he frantically tried to extinguish his burning clothing.

Zuhair stayed at home for nearly a fortnight without medical attention and in a lot of pain because his family could not afford to take him to hospital.

Our Child Protection staff heard about Zuhair’s case from the local community and immediately referred him to a local hospital.

One-year-old Eman* was at her relatives’ house in a village in Arhab District, Sana’a Governorate, when an airstrike hit the building. The blast killed her mother and at least five other women who had gathered to offer their condolences after the funeral of one their relatives. Eman* survived after being trapped in a small space under the rubble, which shielded her from the debris. But her face was badly burned by the explosion, causing her eyes to swell severely.

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